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Excavator Parts


An excavator is a versatile earthmoving vehicle due to its upper body's 360-degree slewing. It is mostly used for excavating, but thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of attachments, it can also be used for loading, lifting materials, backfilling, hole drilling, digging a trench, stockpiling, rock breaking, cutting and boxing, demolition, pipe laying, compacting materials, battering and benching, mixing materials and landscaping.

Excavator Parts

Excavator Parts

Undercarriage (chassis):

  • Tracks

  • Wheels

  • Sprocket Segments

  • Carrier Roller

  • Train Chain

  • Track Link

  • Track Roller

  • Track Shoe



  • Cab 

  • Boom

  • Stick

  • Hydraulic arms

  • Bucket

  • Bucket Teeth

  • Attachments

Excavator Parts

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